Relocation is exciting. And when you’re going to a different state, it is also difficult. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. It can be done, but planning is essential.

We’ve compiled many of the major considerations you will need to take for your relocation. Follow our advice and you’ll soon be in an exciting new area with everything you need.

Visit First

Cities just aren’t the same in person as they are on paper. You can research crime rates, school quality, night life, and average temperatures all day long, but you won’t learn as much about a city as you will by spending time there. Walk around, talk to the locals, visit some establishments, and make sure it fits your lifestyle. The worst thing that could happen is you put in all the work of moving to a new state only to find you don’t like it. So do yourself a favor and book a plane ticket before you take the plunge.

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Find Storage

Unless you have your housing situation figured out before you go (and bravo, if you do), you are going to need to find somewhere to keep your stuff. Temporary housing isn’t known for having a lot of storage space. You are going to be moving with a good amount of items. And you don’t want to unpack some stuff only to have to repack it when it’s time to move into your permanent home. Self-storage units are widely available and many don’t require long-term contracts.

Don’t Bring Everything

Moving is a great time to ask yourself how much of your belongings you actually need. It’s very easy to ignore the pile of stuff we have gathered when we don’t need to go through every item. But moving requires this. You will need to touch everything you own in order to pack it and move it. Question everything you touch and make sure it’s something you still want and need. Getting rid of items not only clears room in your new home, it saves you the hassle of moving another item.

Save Your Receipts

Those moving to a new state for work have a chance of writing off moving expenses. There are stipulations to this, but you might as well save your receipts just in case you have this opportunity. All you have to do is not throw something away. You don’t have much to lose. And for those that are moving for other reasons, your receipts give you the ability to track expenses. This can be important if you are overcharged for something. It’s also a good idea to simply pay attention to where your money goes.

Bulk Shipping

Renting a moving truck and driving it a long distance isn’t a good time. You’re unfamiliar with how to operate the truck and it’s very possible everything will shift as you drive and possibly break something. There are services such as U-Haul’s U-Box service and PODS that allow you to pack all of your belongings into a container and meet it at your destination. The trip between states can be fun. Bring along whatever you need for a comfortable road trip and send the rest in a container.

Use Air Cargo

Did you know that you can ship items on passenger planes? Many airlines offer Air Cargo services. All you have to do is contact the airline directly and inquire about their particular procedure for checking in Air Cargo items. Then bring your items to the airport but instead of hopping on a plane yourself, drop the items off at the Air Cargo loading area. And then your items will be waiting for you at the next airport when you arrive.

Pay Attention to Your Budget

It can be easy to get caught up in the mania of planning a relocation. Will you be moving your items yourself or hiring a moving company? What will you do with your vehicles? How will you transport everything to your new home? People frequently get tunnel vision and focus on checking items off of their list in order to get to where they’re going with everything they need. The budget can get ignored. You don’t want to find yourself with an extensive bill at the end of the move just because you were extravagant with your choices.

Research Your Moving Company

Spend some extra time researching your moving company, if you choose to use one. They are going to be responsible for everything you own. You don’t want your items to be lost or broken because you accidentally hired an untrustworthy company. Cheaper isn’t always better, especially when it comes to big jobs like long relocations and a lot of items.