Why OK Move Me?

It’s No Secret (Hi, Impact)

Moving a household of virtually any size and budget ranks among the most costly, stressful, and personally disruptive activities we humans undertake. The American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) has as an official diagnosis for it: “Relocation Stress Syndrome,” also known as RSS. And, in spite of the many advances technology has brought to consumers in major purchases and life-changing activities, moving and relocation are not one of them.


Real estate portals treat moving and relocation as a second thought, if at all. While many of these sites may provide disconnected tools such as financial calculators, the complexity and financially/emotionally hazardous nature of a local, regional, national or international move is not supported for the estimated 30+ million American families that move each year, according to the Census Bureau. The current process is unnecessarily costly, disjointed, filled with redundancies, and adds a disproportionate amount of stress on top of it all.

So What Now?

Using the Consumer Expenditure Survey data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 30 million American families engaged in moving to a home purchase or rental trigger additional spending on appliances, furnishings, and remodeling that range from $10-12,000 for homebuyers ($3-5,000 for renters) per year. This is in addition to moving and relocation costs for moves, realtor fees, local/state taxes, and deposits/closing costs. Moving poses a serious financial risk to any pocketbook. OK Move Me™ will solve this problem for potentially tens of millions of consumers.

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